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Jeff: Shotshell length is measured from the fired length not crimped length. Thus, the roll crimped S&B tend to be longer than the star-crimped hulls of other brands...both unfold to 2-3/4". This also how folks sometimes accidentally chamber 3" shells in a 2-3/4" chamber.

To give an example, my Federal H132 (9 pellet OO Buck) measures 2.344". A S&B 12 pellet OO Buck measures 2.568". Yet both are marked 2-3/4". As a comparison, a Winchester Super-X 3" 1oz. Slug measures 2.558"!

BTW: The S&B 12 pellet 00 Buck functions flawlessly in my Beretta 1201FP3. It smells weird though, probably due to the fiber wadding.
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