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Well I do, and you are _still_ wrong about the last 5 guns in the M9 trials!

The Llama, Star, a 9mm 1911, etc were _not_ among the last 5 guns in the M9 trials.

The last 5 9mm pistols tested when the _M9_ contract was awarded were the Beretta, SIG, S&W, HK P7 and Walther P88.

A 9mm 1911 was _never_ an entrant considered for use or tested in _any_ of the USAF 9mm/JSSAP M9 trials (there were several through the 70s and 80s). Conversion of 45s to 9mm was an idea that went nowhere; most of em were too old and the specs called for a pistol w second strike capability and more capacity by then too.

A 9mm 1911 (Colt Commander) was tested in 1955, and Colt submitted a 9mm General Officers Pistol M1969 for consideration in the late 60s, but the Army decided to stick w the 45 and production of the M15 General Officers Pistol (in 45, not 9mm, and not to be confused w the USAF M15 .38 revolver) began in 1972.

I threw in the SOCOM 45, M11, M10 (that's the one Ruger was in BTW) trials w the last M9 trial in the post to be a little more thorough, not to confuse ya even more. Sorry.

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