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...where I worked out my new (old) 870.

That was a blast, so to speak. I'm even more impressed now by the capability and strength of this weapon.

Some background: bought a used factory "Riot" model from reputable dealer, and came to realize after bringing it home that this was actually something of a Frankenstein. It's an older Wingmaster that has been parkerized. The wooden stocks, described at the shop as "maple" appear actually to be some generic hardwood that have been refinished in a clear coat. Nice looking, definitely NOT an 870R. Scratch one shop off the list!

Back to the range. Thanks to advice and suggestions from many, I had at least a foggy notion of how to position myself and pattern test the weapon. Range officer OK'd my use of buckshot, but preferred me to use lead #6. OK, I used some of that too, as an FYI.

First impression: WOW. I hadn't used my 20 gauge in years, so I'd forgotten how destructive the shotgun can be. I'm converted, again.

Second impression: the #4 buck held pretty tight out to ~15m. As I do more work, I hope I'll find the "magic" load that holds together even better with this bbl, but for now, for my needs, this is fine.

Third impression: I really need that flexi-tab conversion. Two jams already, out of 35 shells loaded. Operator error, to be sure, but telling nevertheless.

Fourth impression: "Maxi-pad" recoil device worked like a charm. Naturally, it was placed *inside* the sweatshirt...

Thanks again to all for the fine advice. This board provides some of the best info available, along with chuckles a'plenty.


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