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Tamara, you hit back hard, man! Just the way I like it! (Don't worry, no offense taken here, we gun nuts have to stick together). Now, with the formalities out of the way...

I have to admit, I have a big beef with the 1911. For it's time, it was a brilliant, fantastic design, but now, nearly 100 years later, it leaves a lot to be desired. The worst problem with the 1911 is it's extractor design, which really handicaps the reliability. The thing has to work like a spring, yet be hard enough to extract thousands of rounds over and over again... in the end it always seems to be a problem. Now, like all things, I suppose infinite amounts of money can solve the problem, but it just seems like changing the design (as it was for the Hi-Power aka 1911 version 2.0) would be a better way to go. The feed-ramp barrel gap is another problem that seems to affect the reliability of the 1911, although this too can be fixed with hand-polishing and fitting (or you can build the ramp into the barrel like Para-Ordnance did). The 1911 is also the only pistol I've had slam fire on me due to the hammer follow. Lastly, I'm not a huge fan of the .45 round, but I really shouldn't get into this here, since there are already thousands of posts about this topic and it's been beaten to death. Well, OK, I can't help myself: the .45 offers only a slight increase in energy but has a lot more recoil and lower capacity and poorer trajectory and poorer penetration and... blah blah blah).

As far as P7 vs. 1911, besides the above mentioned problems with the 1911, the P7 can be fired faster, is more reliable, has lower recoil, weighs less, and takes up less space.

As far as the badguy (hey, I spelled it right this time ), he was hit in the shoulder from the side, the bullet failed to go through his arm into his body, so they FBI blamed the gun. I forget the name of the shootout right now, but it's a pretty well known incident, and I think it occured in Florida... it pretty much sparked the whole stopping power debate if I remember correctly.

There were problems with the 10mm guns in addition to the recoil which was also considered one of the problems... if I remember correctly one of the problems was the cracking of the plastic Glock frames... yet another Glock problem?

I agree, it is a free country (heck, did I mention I own a 1911 even though I just slammed it?). At least we're allowed to have arguments like this, right?
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