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Ah, the One-True-Sworders make an appearance.

Let's have some fun.

BlackRazor opines:

The choice of law enforcement "professionals"

So, the FBI is in love with the Glock 40?
If you'd call "Purchasing several thousand after holding a rigorous selection process" being "in love", then yes, I guess they are.

The same FBI that just took a giant leap backwards by adopting the hopelessly out of date 1911?
What makes it "hopelessly out of date"? What exactly will your favorite pistol do that the FBI SWAT 1911 won't do? (As I own both a P7M8 and a Springfield Professional, I'd be interested in finding out. Maybe it's "sour grapes rationalization", as the Professional is too expensive, so you settle for the much cheaper, mass-produced squeeze cocker. ) Perhaps you could share your enlightenment with the FBI's Crisis Response Group, LAPD SWAT, USMC MEU-SOC units and others who've made such a hopelessly obsolete choice in sidearms.

Wow, where do I sign up!? As far as I'm concerned, the guns chosen by the law enforcement's elite of are the ones to avoid... Why, you ask? Well, let's think about the criteria the FBI and every other "I need to look bad ass" organization uses in selecting a new weapon. First of all, it needs to be cheap.
Does this include the LE agencies who have adopted your fave, the P7, or just LE agencies that adopt guns you don't like?

Second, it needs to be so safe and so simple that even the stupidest person can use it "proficiently" without accidentally shooting himself or someone innocent... that means squeeze cockers are out if for no other reason than excess "complication." When you're issuing a weapon, you need to appeal to the lowest common denominator...
Ooohhh, you're confusing me now: FBI SWAT is too stupid to operate a squeeze-cocker, so they issue a C&L 1911 instead?

Remember, the FBI are the folks who sang the praises of the 10mm, only to admit later that their guns were too powerful for their own meager shooting skills.
Actually, that's a myth. They had problems with the guns, not the round.

So why did they switch to the 10mm in the first place? Oh yeah, because they needed a round that, unlike their current 9mm, could kill a taget instantly regardless of shot placement. Or at least, that was the idea, right? After all, when their agents were killed as a result of the badgun failing to go down after being shot, it couldn't have anything to do with the fact he was shot once in the shoulder, right? right?
Maybe you should ascertain exactly where the "badgun"[sic] was hit before issuing such confident proclamations.

The FBI needed someone or something to blame, and since they couldn't blame their failure on their own incompetence, they blamed their guns instead. The feds may have fooled some of you into thinking that they're some sort of firearms authority, but I think the facts speak for themselves.
The facts indeed do speak for themselves, once you actually learn them.

The next time the FBI chooses a new handgun, I know exactly where it belongs... the trash can.
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