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Thanks for offering the sampler issue.
Ok, honest feedback...

The content is excellent, no complaints at all.

Depending on how many resources you want to use on the sample each month, you might want to consider dumping the .PDF format and going with a more web-friendly format similar to the news articles on the websites for places like FOX News, MSNBC, etc.

For an example, look at the layout of the article here:
FOX News article (Nevermind the content.)

This will result in a layout that doesn't look like the magazine page, but will be easier to read onscreen.

You might also consider making the table of contents clickable, so if I want to skip right to the article on WWI pistols, all I need to do is click on it.

I think that acrobat files are great for stuff that you download and print out, but it's hard to read onscreen.
.PDF's can also take awhile to download, especially if the file is just exported directly from the magazine layout program.

Of course, doing this is going to be more effort than just exporting a PDF, and I don't know if you have someone at the SWAT office who would be willing to act as the monthly SWAT sampler print-to-web translator.
Besides, you may not want to invest the time/resources/money into something that doesn't directly make money.

You could, however, offset some of those costs by offering advertising to companies who want to appear in the online edition. The advantage for them would be that you could include a link that goes directly from the advertisement to their website.

As for ideas for the title, how about some of these:

[email protected]

or, something like this:
[email protected] (the lowercase italics hopefully hinting at the abbreviated nature of the content.)

Ok, that's all I can think of right now.
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