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He meant the USA/DEA pistol trials, not Austrian army trials.

The DEA has been issuing Glock 40s for several yrs now too; guess Glock fixed that and the DEA got over it?

Glock was near the bottom of the barrel when the FBI evaluated guns in the late 80s; they issue Glock 40s now too.

NYPD recruits are briefed on the G19 problems, they still pick Glock the most often as a duty weapon.


Numerous Glocks (and some Berettas, Kel-Tecs, a Walther) in 40/45/357 have been damaged w factory ammo on the 2 public, 2 private, and 2 LE ranges I am most familiar w around here. Way more than Glock 9s, or any other 9s, and the 9s have been around longer, still more 9s being shot (the city uses Glock 9s, have more officers than the state (357) and surrounding counties (40) put together). Still more 9 ammo being sold, guns shot at the rental range. They have seen several Glocks and a Walther in 40/357 damaged w factory ammo just this year; still waiting for the first 9 to be damaged as bad w factory ammo. YMMV.

Doesn't matter. The 40/357 and Glocks are here to stay. The 9mm and P7 are treading water, on the way down? In the USA, especially for LE, anyway.
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