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Hard facts about Glock reliablilty

First let me state that I do not want to upset people so I will only post this info once and not make any further replys.

Second: I own two Glocks and have had no serious problems with them. They work fine and I like them.

Third: I have always been very interested in the mechanical history of firearms and keep an open mind in regards to the faults of firearms that may even be my favorites.

For those who are serious about studying the mechanical history of glock reliablity I suggest you go to this web site and read what a professional has to say about the reliablity of the Glock pistol.

.[[B]Some interesting facts that you will find at this sight are:[/B

The Glock failed the Austrian test trials. In the throw test slides flew off the frames and when loaded the weapon fired.

One of the many Glock recall and design changes (updates) half cured one defect and created some utterly new unreliablity problems.

Workmanship and therefore reliablity varies quite a bit resulting in some very happy Glock owners and some not so happy Glock owners.

One case in point was that the New York City police department had so many phase 3 jams (partially extracted and stuck fired case) that they threatend to get rid of all their Glock 19's and buy Ruger automatics. Up until that threat was made Glock had ignored all of their complaints with the response that their pistol was not defective. Only then did they agree to do something about the problem.

My own thoughts are:

What is distrubing is that there are more pictures and posts of Glock blow ups than any other automatic pistol.

One response to the glock kabooms and recals has been that since so many Glocks are in existance there are bound to be more problems. I do not think that this argument is valid considering that there have been much longer production runs of other very famous pistols including the German HK P7. Yet in no case has there been the multitude of kabooms, design changes and recalls that the Glock pistol has had.

I think that workmanshipwise the node goes to the HK. And reliablity in the short run goes to the HK.

If prolonged shooting is taken into consideration a Glock that is reliable will keep functioning longer than the HK because of the HK's gas operated system is definately not as reliable when multitudes of rounds are fired through it.


Price: The nod goes to the Glock. The price of the HK puts it out of reach for many people.

Accuracy: My own HK pistols easily out shoot my Glocks.

Investment: The Hk is the better investment in terms of future worth.

Workmanship: By far the HK.

Safety: Slightly and only slightly to the HK. Glocks lack of a manuel safety has caused A.D.'s but so has the squeeze cocking mechanism of the HK.

Reliablity: On average its the HK under normal firing conditions, unless hundreds of rounds are fired without cleaning.

Beauty: In my own preception the HK although not outstandingly graceful is much more pleasing to the eye than the Glock.

Trigger Pull: Slightly to the HK. The HK's trigger pull while mushy is more managable than the creepy trigger pull of the Glock.

Sights: The HK. They are more durable than the Glock.

Balance and pointability: A close tie.

Kabooms: The Glock has had many more than the HK has.
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