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Search the NJ area newspapers? I remember hearing about 4 of 'em. That's about 1 per 1000 officers. NYPD didn't have 38 in the same amount of time, Chicago PD didn't have 13... Joke was the NJSP motto was "Halt, or I'll shoot myself!"

OK, OK, the NJSP is a fine organization, one of the best, but it did happen way more than it should have until they got the hang of it, and it was embarassing. Some PDs had fewer problems w their new autos than their old revolvers, some did not. Maybe it's just a temporary bug during transitions? Beats me.

Alameda county in CA switched from Glocks to SIGs after a series of embarassing NDs.

A DEA agent shot himself in the butt w his Glock, a US Marshal shot himself in the thigh w his Glock... the feds still issue and love those Glocks.

Officer left his Glock on the table, his kid shot him w it...

Officer left her Glock in the car while she unloaded groceries, her kid shot his brother w it...

None of this has kept Glock from becoming Numero Uno in the market.

All modern guns are "safe". All people can be trained to be safe. When ya put em together though, some combos are "safer" than others when ya put 'em in real hands in the real world? IOW, some are more "idiot" proof than others?

I've been shooting handguns for 26 yrs. Mostly Glocks since 1987. SA XDs and Walther P99s now. The only ND I ever had was w a Ruger revolver (nothing hurt but dirt thank gawd!)!?

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