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And finally, it's true, you can't shoot more than 50 rounds quickly without burning your hands. HOWEVER, this is irrelevant for a real world combat handgun, where you will never put more than 50 rounds through your gun and stay alive.

Never having even seen a P7 (and having little to no interest in actually owning one, save if I suddenly come into a huge surplus of cash), I don't know how fast they heat up and cool off.

But when I go out and shoot, I would guesstimate that I burn through at least 200-300 rounds of ammunition per firearm that I bring out (depending on magazine size - it's easier to hit 300 with a 15 rd 9mm than a 7 rd .45).

Practice is vital; I'd hate to shoot a few mags, then have to wait an hour before I can hold onto my pistol to shoot with it some more.
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