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I was reading some of the past Commentaries from Col. Cooper last night and ran across this from Vol. 3, No. 6:

"... Glock trigger, which means that the safety is incorporated in the trigger (which is something like stamping the combination on the safe door.) Of course, as Glock points out, if you keep your finger outside the trigger-guard where it belongs until you can see your sights, this will not give you any trouble. The same can be said of a 1911 with the safety off."

That said and (IMO) agreed with, I just sold my P7M8. Great gun, just too small for my hands.

If the shooter is unable to keep the squeeze cocker locked, they don't have the hand strength to safely hold and fire a handgun. It takes less force to dent a coke can than lock the cocker back. And maintaining the lock is trivial. My P7 digested everything I ever fed it without complaint (did choke on some WinClean when new, but that same box also choked a buddy's Glock.) I read that Ayoob ran something like 4K rouds through his without a cleaning (there's a pic and story of it online, anyone?). If I could buy the larger framed P7M10 in CA, I would in a heartbeat.

And how do you know when Lunde hits the gun range? When the Brinks truck rolls up and unloads his gun collection.
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