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"In my case I don't think it was the pressure to hold the cocker in but the fact that I didn't seem as comfortable shifting my hand position around any in between shots without feeling that I must decock and recock the weapon."

If you have very small hands this might be a problem. I have medium/small (no M13 for me!) and only my last three fingers move during the cocking of the weapon--no change in grip. But hey, if you aren't comfortable, you aren't comfortable.

"It takes 1.5lbs" to hold the cocker in but how many lbs to initially engage the cocker? Glocks require 0 lbs pressure to stay cocked."

Hey, if I was a Glocker I would insist on lecturing you on the mechanics of the Glock here--it actually requires the application of several pounds of force everytime you cock the weapon--it is only finished cocking when you pull the trigger. But I agree,for all practical purposes, the Glock is always cocked. To replicate this state of affairs in the P7 just tape down the squeeze cocker and "keep finger off trigger no boom"--as the Glock intelligentisia often say.

"Like I said I always wanted one so I purchased it, tried it and didn't like it."


"For the cost of 2+ NIB Glocks to me it wasn't worth it."

I don't think a Glock is worth 1/16the price of a P7. IMHO

"I do remember it was a mess to clean and one had better clean it after each range session if one wants the gas system to operate correctly the next time."

If you shoot 400-500 rounds per session, you need to do the ol' brush and scrape--it's no lie (and a trip to the burn unit). Just follow the instructions on the Glock and the P7 and you will be fine. I have to admit, if you want a gun that you can store in your fish tank full of saltwater and dog poo you are going to want the Glock. Incidentally, that is probably where I would store mine if I still had one.

"Its the Lincoln of handguns"

Well, as long as we are making car analogies, I have one for you. The Glock is the Pinto. It is was one of the best selling cars of the 70's but had a tendency to splode'.

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