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A few things...

The P7 is a very good gun for many good reasons, but it is not the best for most folks for many good reasons too.

The P7 is expensive to make and sell, the biggest reason it's popularity has been limited. Next biggest reason is the 13 shot model feels like a brick in the hand. As far as the US market, the 40 model just doesn't cut it; that cartridge needs a bigger gun in that platform, not just a way too big slide that looks like Moby Bang, the Black Whale.

Watch a whole lotta people who are basic cops/military train with em and ya find out that "little bit" of pressure needed to keep em cocked is often too much under pressure and/or from odd positions, etc. NJSP had more officers ND and shoot themselves with their own pistols per capita than any organization I can think of w any other gun in the same amount of time too. A much better gun for real experts than real folks IMO.

It is a very good gun, but it has not been the top performer in several military trials around the world when it has gone head to head w Beretta, SIG, Glock, FN, CZ, Walther. Different strokes for different folks have declared all of them King of the Hill in turn, but the P7 has won the fewest. No way can it be declared most accurate, most reliable, etc; just hasn't proved it often enough, certainly less than the others. Of course, YMMV, but it hasn't for most so far.

The Glock is double action only (DAO), according to the folks whose definition counts, the feds (FBI, DEA, INS/BP, BATF). Pulling the trigger performs a double action; the partially cocked striker is 1) fully cocked and then 2) released.

In some documents the feds now refer to "SFA" or Striker Fired Action since many of these guns are functionally (from the user viewpoint) identical while technically/mechanically different.

U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice Equipment Performance Report: 1999 Autoloading Pistols May 2000 NCJ 180751:

Striker fire action: A pistol design that employs an internal striker mechanism to detonate the primer. In operation, the pistol is normally in a partially cocked condition. Pulling the trigger completes cocking the action, and then releases the striker mechanism to fire the pistol.

Even that definition may need tweaking?

The Glock is DAO, the XD is SAO (Single Action Only), but both are striker fired that pretty much feel/work the same for the shooter. The Walther P99 is DA/SA, the 990 DAO, the 99QA SAO... all of em more alike than different for most.

IIRC, the newest version of the Glock NY triggers uses a coil spring, not a flat spring like the earlier models, so those seeeking refuge from that bogeyman will be disappointed. When I sent my Glocks in to get NY triggers in 1997, I got new NY triggers w the same coil springs, not the colored flat springs. Unless they have changed it back again... or have lots of the older ones left they are getting rid of? The newer coil spring arrangement "fixed" that problem a while back anyway. I have seen as much/more problems from Beretta and SIG trigger springs as Glock springs for the last several years; much ado about nothing much.

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