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"It takes 1.5lbs" to hold the cocker in but how many lbs to initially engage the cocker? Glocks require 0 lbs pressure to stay cocked. In my case I don't think it was the pressure to hold the cocker in but the fact that I didn't seem as comfortable shifting my hand position around any in between shots without feeling that I must decock and recock the weapon. Like I said I always wanted one so I purchased it, tried it and didn't like it. For the cost of 2+ NIB Glocks to me it wasn't worth it. Its been about 7 years since I owned mine so I don't remember the sqeeze cocker manual of arms in detail. I do remember it was a mess to clean and one had better clean it after each range session if one wants the gas system to operate correctly the next time. Its the Lincoln of handguns if one wants to show it but would be one of the last handguns that I would want to use in a defensive situation. In competition it may be great but I have never seen one used at all. Glocks in competition...well everyone knows the story there. To those that like the HKP7 I say enjoy and I am happy for you. For those of us that don't that doesn't mean we must be novices or on crack. Most here know that isn't the case and now that school has restarted....well.
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