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I said the Glock was easier to maintain--so nothing new there.

Accuracy--I'd bet big $$ that 5 P7's picked at random will be more accurate than 5 Glocks picked at random. The P7 is just intrinsically darned accurate (fixed barrel and all).

Tom, it takes 1.5 lbs to keep the P7 cocked--that is it. In fact, most P7's require less after a little use. If you aren't shooting just release your grip--sheesh. Believe me, unless you like the taste of plastic you will hold your Glock with more than 1.5lbs of pressure while shooting.

As far as P7s breaking--take a look at GT or TFL and you will find endless accounts of every type of pistol imaginable breaking. I can tell you one thing, you won't hear about any P7's kbooming. . I would count this as a fairly big minus for the Glock--after all, it is hard to keep that ferocious grip on the P7 with a couple of your fingers blown off.

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