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The Real story on P7 vs Glock

P7 Advantages

P7 is the most reliable gun I've ever seen. It's the only gun I own that has NEVER jammed. EVER.

P7 has a better trigger since the safety isn't in the trigger. Glocks might as well be double action only.

P7 is more compact, better for CCW stuff.

P7 has a stronger steel frame.

P7 has a doubly redundant extraction system (see reliability above).

P7 Disadvatages:

You can't fire super high pressure ammo with thin brass, since the brass fire forms to the grooves in the chamber. This was a problem with glaser rounds.

You also can't shoot unjacketed ammo (not a big deal for a combat handgun).

Gas port is close to the back of the barrel and tends to "open up" after firing thousands of rounds. Eventually it will get to the point where it starts shaving off the jacket of your ammo and stuff copper filings into the gas tube.

lighter weight and slimmer size (at least for the M8) makes for more perceived recoil, despite the ingenious recoild reducing gas system.

Costs a lot more... but hey you get what you pay for. There's two kinds of gun owners: those who buy the best, and those who "settle" and compromise with second rate equipment.

And finally, it's true, you can't shoot more than 50 rounds quickly without burning your hands. HOWEVER, this is irrelevant for a real world combat handgun, where you will never put more than 50 rounds through your gun and stay alive. If you need more than 50 rounds of firepower, get a rifle. Handguns are for backup and concealed carry.

Winner: P7
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