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What is "everything else"? Ease of maintenance? No way! Accuracy? Maybe in some examples. "It is no harder to hold the squeeze cocker than anything else"? What else has a squeeze cocker? If you are saying that the squeeze cocker is no harder to hold than a Glock, Browning etc... without one then sorry but I have owned a NIB HKP7 and I know better. I have been through two different handgun training courses and one student in each course used a HKP7. Neither HK made it thru the course. One went to the locker room due to feed problems (owner said he felt it was a bad mag) and the other had a broken part of some type (owner was way down the firing line from me so I don't know the details but he finished the course with a Glock). By the way these were the only two handguns that failed during the courses! Coincidence? Maybe. Both these HK owners are members here at TFL by the way.
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