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Which P7 / Glock

are we comparing here? As with Glock, the P7 is / was produced in various iterations, and I am assuming that it is the P7M8 or PSP that is being compared to Glock pistols in general.

However, in the case of the P7M10 vs. the Glock competition, the P7M10 wins hands down. Pistol for pistol, caliber for caliber, it's the beefiest porkchop in the contest. Advantage: P7M10 - if ya run out of ammo, ya can always use it for a club.

BTW, in regards to lunde's collection, and the reasons behind it... I can sum it up like this: "He has what he has BECAUSE HE CAN!" (Thanks again, Ken, for the summer shoot out - maybe we can make it an annual event?)
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