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"Didn't the P7 lose the US pistol trials due to it's unorthodox manual-of-arms?"

It lost because it failed some of the tests in numerous trials from 1977 to 1985.

"I think the Glock lost under similar circumstances (lack of manual safety, which the Army wants on ALL weapons)."

The Glock was never in any US military 9mm pistol trials, and a manual safety was not a requirement in any of them since the 70s (they started looking at the 9 in the late 40s). Didn't ya notice the P226 and P228/M11 do not have one?

They would not have wasted the time and money testing a pistol that did not meet the basic requirements of the contract and could not be selected.

"I know the last 5 guns in the test were Sig, Beretta, a Llama, a Star and I think a Smith and Wesson (not sure on that one)."

The last pistol test was for the 45 SOCOM pistol. Colt and HK entered guns. HK got the contract.

The last 9mm test was for the compact 9mm, the M11. Beretta and SIG were the only guns entered. Both passed, SIG P228 got the contract.

The M10 tests were brought on by the Beretta/M9 slide failures. The Ruger, Beretta, S&W entered. Ruger failed, Beretta kept the M9 contract.

The final M9 trials were the Beretta, SIG, S&W, Walther, HK. Only the Beretta and SIG passed, Beretta got the contract.

There were numerous earlier tests. Gotta go way back for the pistolas you mentioned. Go back far enough ya can add the FN BHP, Fast Action BHP, Colt's SSP, High Standard T3, Colt T4, and Colt Commander, various S&Ws. All 9mm guns tested since 1946.
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