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Clackety clack, don't talk back

Sorry about the bad pun. Never owned this HK pistol but had a polce pal whose dept. issued P7's at one time. He said: 1) Manual of arms was diff. enough from his other guns that it messed up his recreational shooting. 2) The squeezer was LOUD when doing a search in the dark, like in a store or warehouse I guess--C-L-A-C-K is his description. 3) squeezer was tiring to hold in for any amt. of time. 4) Gas system made them kinda ammo-specific. I have shot a couple of them myself, low axis and grip angle were GOOD for me. Thanx for listening.
"...give me a Rohrbaugh." --Jeff OTMG, 6/22/04. Hmm, that's probably the only way I'd get one, at least until CDNN has a closeout sale like on those Autauga .32s..
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