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Shot My New Muzzleloader

Today I shot my new Lyman GPR, .54 cal. caplock.

Used two different conicals - a 380 grn. Lee R.E.A.L., and a 430 grn. T/C Maxiball. Charge was 70 grns. of ffg (Don't give me any grief about the light load, BigG, this was sightin' in and messin' around - not Elk hunting! )

Took eight rounds to get the sight adjusted. Sight was Lyman's 57GPR receiver sight.

After sighters, three round groups with each type of bullet were approx. 1.5". All three rounds touching in nice little cloverleafs. Just chewed the bull out of the target. This was at 50 yards.

Next time out, sight it in 2" high at 75 yards, and I'll be good to go for Elk season.

The crescent steel buttplate on this rifle really accents the recoil. These loads were pretty mild, but if the rifle wasn't held just so, it would bite you pretty good. Hold it right, and it was just a mild shove.

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