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It is my understanding that the P7M13 lost because of the weak corrosion resistance. Other than that, the gun ran flawlessly and was one of the finalists before being dropped to an angry German response.

Lunde always makes us jealous with his pics. I especially love the look of his P7 with brushed flats! The good Dr. was kind enough to take a pic of one of his hard-chromed P7s so that I could use it as my Avatar on SIGForum. Alas, my personal P7M8 is just plain Jane blued...

I've owned 4 P7s and have thought the world of every one of them. Sold the two M13s because they were to fat for my small hands, and the refurb 'cause I didn't need two M8s.

And to the person who touted "reliability, reliability, reliability" and IPSC/IDPA matches. The P7 is one of the most reliable designs out there because of the fixed barrel and lack of feed ramp. I've never had a failure with a P7. They are just kind of excentric, which is the main reason they are such a novelty at the range, much less at an abusive pistol match...
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