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Didn't the P7 lose the US pistol trials due to it's unorthodox manual-of-arms?

I think the Glock lost under similar circumstances (lack of manual safety, which the Army wants on ALL weapons).

I know the last 5 guns in the test were Sig, Beretta, a Llama, a Star and I think a Smith and Wesson (not sure on that one).

I've never shot either a Glock or a P7. Don't know which is better.

It may also be worth considering the context in which you are comparing the guns. Just because one gun is better for carry in an urban environment doesn't mean it will be better in an environment such as the jungle or a desert.

JMBs original 1911 (with the rattles) was one of the best in the world at taking grunge and continuing to work. The latest versions from Kimber, Springfield, Wilson, Les Baer etc. can't do that because they are made too tight.

In an urban setting where you don't have that external grunge but you have to worry more about things like lawsuits and ease of operation with minimal training, something like a DAO Sig-Sauer may be better suited.

Just my $.02 worth. Sorry, no refunds.
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