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By Sundance:
The HK P7 is Safe.
Then why have there been so many (fatal) accidents with P7s/PSPs in the hands of German police officers?

Ok, maybe it's because of this:
Earlier this year I saw a fellow shooter with a P7 on our range and before we exchanged guns for test firing, I asked him whether it was true that a P7 will shoot when you first pull the trigger and then squeeze the cocker. "Naa, can't be!" he said, inserted a mag, squeezed the cocker, released it, pulled the trigger, squeezed the co...BANG. He was more surprised then I was. I wonder how many P7 owners know this "special feature."
Well, my Glock will shoot when I pull the trigger - and only when I pull the trigger.
"Captain, they're really shooting at us. Why?"
"Easy boy. If they were really shooting at us, we'd be dead by now."
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