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As you can tell from my handle, I'm partial to the older style M77's. I've never seen one that didn't shoot. Most of my bias subjective, but if you have the chance to handle one of the older models with the tang safety and the red rubber butt pad, do it. Then go to the gunstore and compare that to one of the new M77's. The bolts feel tinny and rough, the triggers are horrible. The metal to stock fit is spotty. I finally found one of the older tang saftey models at the last gun show in .243. The trigger is great and is adjusted to around 2 1/2 lbs, and it came with an old weaver K4. This rifle shoots inexpensive Winchester 100 grn power points into a cloverleaf at 100 yds. Even if the new Rugers are capable of that kind of accuracy, who could get them to shoot without an aftermarket trigger?
IMO, if you can find a well-kept older model, you will end up getting a much higher quality rifle for less money than a new one.
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