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My cousin had first pick because he lives closer to my grandpa than I do. He chose a Winchester 30-06 4 shot semi auto with a scope. It seemed to be in descent condition. I didn't really mind because my old man has a Remington model 4 which is the same damn thing and it's in a lot better condition. I have access to use it whenever I want and it'll be mine someday because I'm an only child. My dad also has..
1. 2 side by side 12 guage double barrels
2. Up and down 12 guage double barrel
3. 12 guage single shot
4. 20 guage single shot
5. .410 single shot
6. Winchester .270 bolt action
7. Ruger .22 semi auto 10 shot
8. 30-30 single shot
9. Beretta .25 acp 8 shot semi pistol

As you can see I've basically have all of the bases covered. All I need is a nice 12 guage pump and an HK USP .45 Tactical to go with my HK USP 9mm and I'll be all set. Lol

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