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When I saw this thread I literally groaned...

But darn if this isn't the most civil discussion you could ask for. Considering the highly flamable subject.

A few less discussed items,

The P7Mx has a chamber loaded indicator. I really like this feature. I wish my Sigs had it. The PSPs lack this feature.

I prefer the Glock mag release. Of course, I liked the idea behind the non-drop free mags. You know the Glock engineers had to laugh when people started asking for a quick-release on a 17 round gun. I consider the P7's mag-release one of its' biggest flaws. I have considered having the wings of my P7 mag release machined flat.

Also, the Glock often gets kudos for having a low bore axis--the P7 has, as far as I can tell, the lowest bore-axis availible on an autoloader. I think this accounts for the "low-recoil" that some feel the P7 has. Still, they are both nice.

The P7 also has a nice 110 degree grip angle. I think most people agree that the P7 points better than the glock.

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