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The HK P7 is the superior striker fired pistol.

There are three reasons for this...the three S's.

The HK P7 is Steel.

The HK P7 is Slim.

The HK P7 is Safe.

Three things the Glock falls short in.
1. Steel frame. Agreed. I prefer steel to polymer. Polymer guns do not have as good balance IMO, and look like crap. Then again, I'm a stubborn and old fashioned person, and whether or not steel is better for most people is subjective (there is NO right or wrong answer).

2. I prefer a thicker gun (thick spreads out recoil better).

3. Glocks are also safe. Let me clarify: if the user is intelligent and keeps her finger off the trigger until ready to fire, there can NOT be an AD.

In conclusion, I agree with point 1 (frame material), but that is really subjective though.

I respectfully disagree on points 2 and 3. We all have different opinions of course, and I respect your opinions.
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