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The HK P7 is the superior striker fired pistol.
At two-and-a-half times the price, it darn well better be!

Hmmm. Lemme run check the gun cabinet... Nope, nothing going on in there; P7 and Glocks still gettin' along fine.

Addendum: Let's compare my P7 to my G29 & G30.

Weight: About the same, loaded; Glock may be an ounce or two heavier.
Length: P7 is about .25" shorter.
Width: P7 is about .25" narrower.
Height: P7 is about .5"-.75" taller.
Mag capacity/Caliber: P7 gives you 8+1 of 9x19mm; G29/30 give you 10+1 of 10mm Auto or .45 ACP, respectively.
Reliability: Both are boringly reliable.

While the P7M8 scores big points on raw swoopitude, it's hard to ignore 10+1 rounds of serious big-bore punch in such a compact, rugged and rust-resistant design as the G29/30.
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