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"The HK P7 is Steel."

"The HK P7 is Slim."

"The HK P7 is Safe."
Go give a Glock and a P7 to a drunk person who's ready to raise hell (Im talking an unruley person here)

You'll notice neither is safe.

I LOVE the p7, work of art in my mind. Glock's are excellent handguns as well.

I can definitely see where you're going, Glock has no "manual" safety - P7 has the nifty squeeze cocker.

I obey the four rules, they are now a part of me - either of the above mentioned pistols is safe for me.

I think it's better to say a P7 is safer in the hands of a negligent person than a Glock. I'm not entirely sure this is true, all you have to do is grip the P7 and it's ready to go, provided the action was worked.
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