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I own six HK P7s and fifteen Glocks. I also own three Sigs, four Walther P99s, an HK USP, a Walther P5 Compact, and a few others. Each brand/model has its own strong and weak points. Which is best is subjective. Which is best is really a factor of who is going to use it, and the intended purpose.

HK P7s are slim, compact, and have a unique safety system that is fast and simple. They also get dirtier quicker, and related to this, their gas system is somewhat sensitive to ammo. The dirtier the ammo, the more often the gas system needs cleaning. The frame, particularly around the trigger guard, gets hot after extensive shooting. Do these prevent me from buying and enjoying HK P7s? Nope. Not in the slightest.

Simply being aware of the weaknesses and how to work around them, and knowing the strengths and how to exploit them, is sound advice.
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