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Back issue problem.....I think...

A few weeks back, I called about a back issue of swat mag (had an article on the SRS security teams). The guy I talked to said he would send me an invoice since they didn't take orders over the phone.

A few more weeks and the invoice shows up in the mail. The thing reads "$0.00" in the amount-owed column, which was weird, but I filled it out with my CC information and sent it back.

To date, I haven't heard anything. There hasn't been any odd activity on my bank account so I'm sure it's not a fraud/theft. I'm just wondering if there was anyone else in the same boat.

Invoice returned. No magazine to show for it. Don't know when it'll show up or if it will at all.

I was looking forward to reading that article and might even subscribe to the magazine if it looks promising. Where's my back issue?
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