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Yes, Dave it does, but only for a specific short barrelled pumpie for a specific purpose of ultra-short range,slug and car-gun.
I had a chat with a member of the local TRTeam(police) and he agreed with me over PG(fixed) 12GA stocks for their house-clearing work, but said they have now to restock theirs to standard, as senior police decree it looks too "fierce and agressive" on TV !

Politically Correct rules OK!

So we will agree to differ, thats what makes a forum like FL so different and enjoyable.

(Incidentially my nom-de-plume comes from OZ slang, a "bunny" is one who gets the blame or 'carrys the can' for someone else(mug, dupe, fool). Like the infamous Australian Federal "buy-back" firearms confiscations we as firearms owners have had after the Tas Pt Arthur Massacre(35 tourists dead).

Self flagellation?
You guessed it, Dave, I had all my firearms registered and legal, I trusted the/our Governments and suffered badly.......... Never again....)

***Big Bunny***
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