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Well, I did a very thorough cleaning. I did notice that on the receiver where the cartridge interrupter slides up and down, there was a nice wear mark growing. So I looked at the interrupter and saw a casting mark on it that protuded out slightly. I took it off with a file and noticed that the whole cartridge interrupter looked like it had a defect from the factory. I fixed it as best as I could and polished the casting mark out of it. (BTW, I have a new interrupter on its way from Mossberg) I re-installed it and lubed it up with Break-free and it seems to be feeding fine now. It no longer looks like the interrupter is slow. It feed fine when I cycle it slow and fast. When I get the new one I will polish it up and hopefully all will be well. Anyone else experience anything similiar??? Anyone have comments?????
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