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Swat Magazine, Electronic Edition?

This can't be an easy time to be in the publishing business, especially for those who work with periodicals when you have the internet encroaching...

I've noticed that American Handgunner is offering articles for sale online in .pdf format. Unfortunately for them, it seems that they're charging more for the cumulative sum of the articles than you would pay for a copy of the magazine off the news stand. I also noticed that Guns Magazine is offering a year's worth of back issues on CDROM as a subscription incentive. Pretty neat, if you ask me.

I'm not one of those people advocating or foreshadowing the demise of the printed word, and I've given some consideration that media offered in electronic format tends to proliferate beyond the copywrite holder's control. I sympathize and can't offer any practical solutions to this. But I have to tell you, I really like the idea of having copies of your magazine that I can archive, access and reference on my computer. I'm not sure how you would maintain control over your material if offered in that format, but I would love to have access to back issues as well as build my own library on my computer. it's just more convenient, and for those that travel as much as I do, there's no substitute for having the information there to reference or read at liesure rather than having to haul around (literally) boxes of my favorite magazines (which deteriorate over time anyway). Can you please consider publishing your magazine in electronic format?
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