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Not a rip off artist. I have not received any emails from you, no private messages either. This holster is going to be shipped back to you, it is my mistake that I have not emailed you to appologize for the delay.

As for theft, why would I do such a thing? Receive a holster with delivery confirmation from a LEO in the same state? Obviously that is not my intention.

The holster itself was said to be new but was not, however i am very graitful for the "try and see if it fits" because it didn't and that way I did not waste my money.

At any rate, the holster is enroute back to you priority mail with delivery confirmation as well, along with your original shipping fees.

USPS confirmation number:
0300 1290 0006 5528 6243

I would appreciate standard courtesy of at least a private message before you post a message accusing someone of tbc. If nothing else, you know how to use blue book, you could have called me on the phone to verify that I had received your emails.
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