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I had the same experience when I considered the 9200. I ended up getting the Remington 1100 in synthetic for just $30 more than the Mossberg 9200 synthetic. For the Crown Grade, you'll save about $150 over the equivalent 1100 (lots more than that over the 11-87), so it's a harder choice to make if $ are the big consideration for you.

Sure, the Mossberg can handle 2-3/4 and 3" shells, while the 1100 can only handle 2-3/4" shells, but I don't have any need for 3" shells.

What finally did it for me was that no one seems to know much about the Mossberg, whereas there are millions of the 1100s in circulation and lots of rave reviews on them, plus there are more spare barrels/parts/accessories available for the Rem 1100 than the Mossberg, if that's a factor.
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