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Guess I'm not the lazy one around here. Use brass bore brush and patches to get the gerneral crud out then for the hard stuff like hardened lead alloy caked in the forcing cone area. Take bore brush wrap large patch around it add USP bore paste or JB bore compound and start scrubbing. Clean out paste and pieces of patch and see if cone is clean, if not repeat. I shoot about 30-50 rounds of mixed 00buck and slug so have a lot of build up but get it all out by end of cleaning session. Will coat patches about 5-10 times with paste to get all the lead out. This depends on how much build up there is. I learned the hard way by letting benelli build up and it took quite a while to clean thank god the bore was chrome lined. BTW this ruins bore brushes but oh well. My bore looks like it did when I bought it.

For the rest of the gun I just dump quart of 30wt motor oil on it and put in plastic bag until I arrive at range, at which time I clean off oil with gun scrubber in parking lot. Just kidding.

I use break free lightly on all exterior surfaces and inside mag tube.

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