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"You can't go wrong with either choice. I personally prefer the Winchesters. In 30+ years the only thing I've had to do to mine was clean them."

To clean my 870, I just use it to push through heavy brush. ;-)

Zip experience w/Wins. Got 4 870s/various bbls. Do Wins have the switch/bbl capability?

You can short stroke an 870 so you eject the fired shell & fail to insert the next from the tube. Only had it happen once, but, hey, that's all it takes. Just make certain to bang the slide at both ends.

Retro'd one 12 870 with a Choate extension tube & had feeding problems & had to dink around w/the new-style spring cap. Ensure proper functioning after any modifications. 'Course, this applies to anything.

Dad took Nat'l Arm Forces (maybe just AF) skeet in '53 or so using his 870. Musta fired 30,000+ Did have to replace the receiver-mounted ejector spring in ~'74.

Pretty robust.

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