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The Winchester may or may not be a good weapon. The 1200 Winchester was found to be greatly wanting when it came to durability and reliability.

OTOH, during my career with the Md Dept of Public Safety,I taught hundreds of Correctional Officers to shot,including with shotguns. The 870s were the issue weapon, tho some fools in purchasing would buy a cheaper weapon like the 1200, or the egregious S&W 3000. Only the 870 held up,and up,and up.

Tower weapons get abused,and maintained if and when.The 870s just kept working,requiring little. One training weapon has been on the firing line continually since 1981, I retired in 98 and the only repairs done were new wood.

One personal 870 here, Pop bought USED in 1956 or so. I've put over 3000 rounds through it,plus what he did,and it's tight as a bank vault.

Maybe the 1300's good.The 870 has an unmatched and rarely threatened record for service. The old Model 97 and 12 Winchesters were also incredible and also J M Browning designs.

Finally, every shotgun here at Casa McC is an 870, and if given another brand of pump gun, it'd be for sale in a heartbeat...
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