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I just bought a Choate mag extension kit for my 870. The kit came complete with the extension, a high-vis follower, new spring and the clamp that holds the tube rigid in line with the barrel. The clamp has a sling swivel integral with it.

The parkerized finish was a perfect match to the gun, but you can also get it in blue.

They make the kits for:

18" - 7 shot
20" - 8 shot
24" - 9 shot and
26" - 10 shot.

Made for many models, including the 1100.

Price for the 7 or 8 is the same at $37.75 (plus S&H) direct from Choate at

the 9 costs $2.75 more.

My only complaint with them is they promised same day service, but took 10 days to get mine out the door. Once I got it though I forgave them when I saw how good the quality was.

Hope this helps.


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