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I just got my used (new to me) 500A which is a 8 shot, Parkerized, Heat shield and awh the dreaded pistol grip! First I will have to keep the pistol grip for a while until I find or purchase a rear stock. But until then I had read about a grip made of ruber to slip on the stock handle? I can not find one! Where do I find it? Who makes the one that will fit the Moss?
Number 2: My Black Parerized finish has some scrathes on it (I know it means it ruff and tuff) But Is there anyway to touch up? Or would I have only the option to refinish? I have Glock and I know they will refinish for around $65.oo. If thats the case ruff and tuff looks fine ha!
Number 3: My friend has a 500 and I see him one handed take it by the fore end and slam it down and then back up and rack it. Kinda of Hollywood but I told him I thought it looked kinda hard on it? He said it is perfectly safe? Any options on that? Thanks Stan..

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