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Yes the Franchi SPAS 15 was sold in the US, but only 120 to 180 were imported. I think they’ve been banned from further import (1996) so prices have rocketed since then.

You can still buy them here in the UK with a 24” barrel.

Check out Chris Cooney’s site (above) for SPAS 15 information including a user’s manual I scanned recently. Also take a look at some SPAS 15 reviews (from UK magazines) on my site at . For some reason it only works with Internet Explorer (not Netscape) and I haven’t got time to fix it. If you need the scans just email me.

Prices in the US start around $4000.

Check out some cool photos of the SPAS 15 with a sound suppressor at : and

Also keep checking with for SPAS 15’s for sale.


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