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Sport45 I just wrote this letter to time magazine. By the way you should all write them they hate guns! But a answer to the question you asked: "What kind of invastion are you expecting?" You never really expect anything! - (I wrote this to the mag I will not ever buy!)
You have no clue! Yes you like guns have been around for many years. But the very negative article has made me to make the decision that I will never buy your magazine or look at your horrible wrong views!
I had two burglars break in two my home on 07-03-98 and beat me until I almost died. The only thing that saved my life was a HAND GUN that I did get to and fired one round and they did exit my home after. They were caught and I spent the next year in and out of the court system. They received I should say one received one of two felonies a spat on the wrist! Probation and I recently found out he moved to another state and is still in the military! It's not the GUNS! it's our system, Our system that makes lawyers and prosecutors rich. Our system that does protect the felons more then the innocent! If you do the crime you should have to face the consequences. Yes even if it involves a firearm. But there is a lot of honest law abiding firearm users! You know as well as anyone that if criminals did not have accesses to a firearm it would be bombs made from fertilizer or from pluming supplies! The real problem is that or government will not deal with the true problem! To much politics and money!
I realize that you will not respond to this message because there is no media involved or points to score for your magazine. But the truth will set you free and if you took a long look at it you would give your readers a fair assessment of the truth!

Stan . ........

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