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Hi Anthony-

Yes, thought about the ability of an uninvited houseguest being able to find suitable cover if things ever got to the "gravest extreme."

Fortunately for me, the distances involved are rather modest and cover (for the intruder) is limited. Anything decent, such as the heavy, 1940's-era sofa and wooden entertainment center are up against walls.

His/Her only bet would be to seek concealment behind the fake ficus (spelling?) tree or an upturned glass coffee table.....

I have conducted experiements such as negotiating the house with limited ambient light to select the best areas to hold a defensive position with either a shotgun or handgun. Yes, it's an interesting exercise.

I'm TOTALLY on the same page with you as far as having slugs being the last rounds to exit the shotgun. God forbid it gets to that point, I want each round to hit HARD.

Boing...thanks for the length-of-pull help. From first glance, it practically looks like you could reduce the length with a file and then graduate to very fine sandpaper. The recoil pad would then be reinstalled and we would be as good as new.

There's no way that Murphy's Law will allow something to be this simple!

Speak with you guys again soon.


~ Blue Jays ~
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