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CMOS, I like the speedfeed idea and plan on some day getting one. I just never have got around to doing so(yet). But, when I do I will still keep the sidesaddle on my 870(that sucker is really going to be heavy).

The Choate magazine follower was the first accessory I purchased back in 1988. It is hi vis orange and made out of plastic or synthetic something or another and is tapered a little(approx. 3"-4"). It keeps the spring coils from getting tangled when depressed. Back then I heard stories of the mag spring punching through the plastic factory follower(I have never seen or heard of this happing, but, it sounded reasonable). The follower is easily seen when the magazine tube is empty. I know you can get them from Choate or Scattergun Tech. for cheap. I wouldn't carry a shotgun without one!

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