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I have one of those selct-fire paintball guns. I never really got into paintball, and it was an impulse puchase that I shouldn't have made.

I never really figured out how to work it, as it's not intuitive and it came with no manual, but instead a video. Did I mention my VCR has been broken for a long time? Yeah.

It's pretty cool, I guess, but more difficult to load than a regular paintball gun, and it holds less shots too. The local paintball range won't allow full-auto fire, so that's nullified. Plus, from what I can tell, the gun needs to be pressurized in order to operate. Fair enough, except I dropped it once and put a tiny crack in the plastic "magazine" underneath the weapon, more or less rendering it inoperable. Hopefully I can get that replaced and get an honest to God manual for the damned thing one of these days.

The "magazine" uses like a feed train system, sort of like a little conveyor belt. I've never got mine to work properly, so I can't tell you how it works.
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