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I may be able to respond to a couple of the questions.

The 870 Marine Magnum is as good as either its Mossberg or Winchester competitors. I personally find it better than the Mossberg in fit and finish. (No flames from Mossberg fans, please--I like Mossies, too! ).

I don't believe that Remington offers a choice of either barrel length or choke in the Marine Magnum. So an 18-inch barrel with cylinder bore is what there is. For a defensive weapon, this type of barrel would probably be my first choice anyway.

My 870 Marine Magnum cost me $419, which is over $150 more than an 870 Express HD. I don't know if this is a good or a bad price--my local dealer has had exactly one Marine Magnum in his shop so I went for it while I could. I guess the premium finish and magazine extension add to the price.

Hopefully another poster can respond to the other questions, or improve upon my responses.

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