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Have to throw in my $.02 here. Grew up hunting in southern Michigan, where rifles are outlawed. I have since moved to NC, where they look at me like I'm crazy when I pull out my hopped-up 870 slug gun. Rifled barrel, Burris scope, synthetic stock, mag extention holding mercury recoil reducer, the whole 9 yards. In about 5 minutes I can have the stock 28" vent rib barrel on and be shooting clays. The point I'm trying to make (I can get longwinded...I love my 870!) is that the fully rifled barrel is not a huge committment. And the accuracy you get when compared to a smoothbore, even WITH the rifled choke tube, is worth it. Besides, it's two guns for the price of one + a barrel. Hastings now has an Economy 870 fully rifled barrel in Cabela's that's very affordable. Good Hunting!
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