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Rob, Last year, I was laughing at myself, running around the woods and mountains E. of Durango with a Sendero, when in the black timber I was in, there wasn't a shot beyond 90 yards most of the time. Sounds like my 1100 with it's open sights would have been a viable option... wonder why I never thought of that... I'm thinking about buying a rifled choke, too. Anyone got a favorite brand?

Right now, with my 22" barrel and screw-on-the-vent-rib open sights, I'm hitting minute-of-pie-plate at 85-90 yards, but lowwwww. Will try Remington, in hopes of higher groups. Still have to laugh at the "Slugster" design, wherein they bore out an area about .25" wide and .125" deep on the front of the slug, and call it a "hollowpoint"! Oooooooohhh! LOL!


Will you, too, be one who stands in the gap?


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